Monica and The Explosion

Monica and The Explosion's new and fifth studio album Go Out! is now out, released on Sep 1st 2021. more info about the release:  EPK.

Monica and The Explosion is Monica Welander, is an acoustic punk rock artist originally from Sweden. She has been touring all around the world, as a solo artist or with a band, known and respected for her dynamic live performances and her songs. The sound is best described as ”jukebox punk” - acoustic rock 'n' roll with attitude.

Over the years she has had the honour to work with many great musicians in her band. Previous band members include: Per-Ola Risenberg (Penny & The Pickups/SWE) Rob Baylis (Destructors, Dun 2 Def) Paul Slack (Uk Subs) JP Morer (Outcasts) Ian Stapleton (Destructors) Martin Berthelot (Just a Number /AUS).

Her current band consist of:
Rob Baylis, drums (recording), Ian Stapleton, bass (recording),
Otto Länsberg, electric guitar (live) Andreas Sköld, bass (live), Rolf Axel Almqvist, drums (live).
JP Isotope drums (live international), Eoin Page bass (live international).

Monica and The Explosion started in 2005 when Monica left her old rock band to focus on writing and performing solo. Her music was described as punky rock with a lot of energy.

The debut album "Monica and The Explosion" was released in 2007 on her own label, backed by Per-Ola Risenberg on drums and David Persson on bass. The three of them played together in Sweden for a while before Monica went touring on her own. Two music videos are released from the debut album: "Hollywood" (2007), and "Friday Night"(2008), both produced by Daniel Larsson.

The release of her first album brought her out in the world. The following 3 years she toured around Europe, Australia, The US and India, ending up in the UK where she has been recording her last 4 albums, working with top British punk rock musicians.

Monica and The Explosion's new and fifth studio album Go Out! is now out, released on Sep 1st 2021. 


Monica & The Explosion + Jess Payne – Live Alberts Shed – 11th April 24 – Review
Street Voice UK (Kathleen Riot):

"...Monica was bang on the button – Easily the Swedish version of TV Smith.
Despite this being an acoustic set every song came at me and grabbed my attention. Monica also grabbed the attention of others including a small group who had come in for the karaoke later on that evening! Those into punk and alternative music who weren’t there certainly missed out big time and I for one hope Monica comes back in the not too distant future!"

Rich Wakefield ( Live review Soundhouse Leicester 6th April 2024:

"Finally... a real surprise package.. Monica and The Explosion all the way from Sweden. Monica stepped up to the microphone with an acoustic guitar and proceeded to hammer it with an onslaught of powerful high speed punk style thrashing... She also sang with great style and quality delivering a series of wonderful original songs.
High in energy, high in quality and hugely uplifting exhilarating set from a remarkable performer... and a tremendous set to end a really great afternoon."

No Light Fanzine Aug 7 2021
Monica and The Explosion - Go out! (Album 2021):
"...On the album we encounter some really full on and wonderful punk rock which with some of the tracks also has some pop elements. Monica's voice sounds really good along with the fast punk rock. Imagine the feeling of packing the car with your mates, pull out onto the highway and head towards the horizon… The album is good right through, but two songs that stick a little extra are "Are you ready" and "Never grow up" which will be played on repeat many times!..."

Mark Chadderton in Vive le Rock Magazine, sept/oct 2016

Monica and The Explosion-Less Frenetic


"...The laid-back vibe of opener '9 in the Evening' instantly draws the listener in, the usual passionate nuances of Monica's distinctive voice both captivate and carry the acoustic strum. The fascinating fantasising tale of old friend 'Scottie' coming to the singer's mind following a park bench sleep, with its stop-start intro stands out amongst a satisfying selection of skillfully arranged personal reflective songs. Monica's angular audio offerings engage listeners as she exudes her singular attitude on these charismatic, slow burning songs.

Richard Wagenaar, The Next Gig

Oct 2016:

"This fourth studio album by the Swedish is a charming piece with great songs..."

"Dit vierde studioalbum van de Zweedse is een charmant werkstuk met prima liedjes. Monika Welander heeft een mooie zangstem en een energieke stijl van gitaarspelen. Het maakt dat de bezongen onderwerpen niet altijd leuk zijn, maar desondanks is het een vrolijke sound die je blij achter laat..."

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Punkonline Fanzine 6th Oct 2016:

Monica and the Explosion – Less Frenetic

"...The new acoustic album by Monica and the Explosion, albeit Monica Welander, is a real treat that demands your attention throughout and isn’t content as some background music at a dinner party like some solo projects..."

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Sept 2016:

Monica and the Explosion – Less Frenetic *******

"..It feels obviously more naked than before and the eight songs show the bare sound admirably....Singer / Songwriter of course one can call it that, but this is something more and something better. I would probably like to write Monica in to the punk history..."

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Mark Chadderton in Vive le Rock Magazine, nov/dec 2013


Swedish singer-songwriter's third album is an acoustic delight.


"...the high energy gutsy songstress sings her heart out for 13 memorable short, sharp songs. There is a rush of adrenaline that explodes from her frantic strumming and a vocal drawl full of feeling and power which plays off against some of her tounge-twisting lyrics, radiating attitude and defiance..."

Big Cheese Magazine, Sep 2010

"Monica Welander has some serious attitude but is cool as hell too. Armed with an acoustic guitar that she pounds the hell out of, this is acoustic punk at its most fiery and personal... Welander pulls off the Joan Jett, "I-don't-give-a-damn sort of sassiness without any hint of contrivance..."

Jane Connolly in SO Tunbridge Wells, Sep. 2011

"Shut Up!- Monica and The Explosion.

Female singers seem to be taking over the world right now, but if you want a break from the power ballads and quirky pop tracks, do not miss this feisty local musician. Strongly flavoured with classic British punk, Monica Welander - a Swede now based in Tunbridge Wells - is not so much a breath of fresh air, as a force-10 gale of honest, funny lyrics and insanely catchy tunes. She doesn't mince her words, with tracks like Intoxicated summing up Saturday night romance in blunt and witty style, while the opener Take it Or Leave Me has toes tapping from the very first bar. Any album that can put Culture Vulture in a good mood on Monday morning deserves the highest recommendation."

Michael Bednar in Big Cheese Review, July 2010

Monica and the Explosion – Shut Up!

Sassy Swede + Paul Slack + acoustic punk = jolly good time.

"...Songs like “Take It Or Leave Me” and “Shut Up” are fiery musings with a little bit of Joan Jett attitude thrown in. The album might be a little rough at the edges but that only adds to it’s charm. Let it explode out of your stereo and enjoy!"

Tuva Klinthäll in Smålandsposten, July 2010

"...Shut up is a record that makes your legs wanna move to use that expression, with a voice that is close to Patti Smiths and sassy lyrics Monica Welander is a well needed energy injection in a sometimes too flat music scene."


Monica and The Explosion

(Hands Up Music) 2007

w. Peppe Risenberg, drums David Persson, bass.


(Hands Up Music) 2010

w. Paul Slack bass, Rob Baylis, drums.


(Hands Up Music) 2013

w. Ian Stapleton bass, Rob Baylis drums.

Less Frenetic

(Hands Up Music) 2016 solo.

(Hands Up Music) 2021
w.Ian Stapleton bass, Rob Baylis drums, Tom Savage, electric guitar.

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10 Years of Frenetic Strumming

In 2015 Monica wrote a blog about her 10 year careeer as an artist. the blog was published on the Facebook page. You can read the whole blog here.