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A day with Monica's songwriting workshop starts with a concert, a high energy solo music performance that suits to have for the entire school. The songs in the performance show clear examples of songs, and along with descriptive stage talk about how the songs were created, this is a good introduction to the rest of the day.

The performance is followed by workshops given in smaller groups, class by class, and are adapted to the age group and the school's particular preference. The workshop contains exercises and tips for songwriting and how to find a creative flow. With practical tools and guidance the students then write songs that they can then perform.

A songwriting day with me gives you inspiration, tools and practical training to write your own songs from scratch - no previous experience is required!

For booking and more info, please contact me by email: monica [a], or call (+61) 0424868404.


  • I have been working as a full time musician since 2007, performing as punk rock artist 'Monica and The Explosion', with 4 full-length albums released and tours around the world.
  • I spend most of the year touring but I also very much enjoy to hold songwriting workshops for children and young people, and have done hundreds of appreciated songwriting days in over  100 Swedish schools since I started in 2008.
  • I have been involved in the Swedish Government funded 'Creative School' project (a project to bring professional creative artists to introduce their craft in schools) since it started.
  • Many schools and local Councils have had my workshops as  recurring events, and I also hold workshops at youth centres, music study groups and  Kids' summer activities.
  • I have published a book on the subject, "The songwriter's book" which is based on the material in the workshop. The book can be used in conjunction with the workshop. More information can be found here:


9 - 18 year olds, (Primary/Secondary school students Year 3 - Year 12)


All day: Musical performance: 30 minutes per performance.

Workshop 40-60 minutes per workshop class/group.


100 students / day (max. 25-30 students / group)


For performance: large enough room to seat all audience with 'stage area', assembly hall or similar, with audio system (PA + speakers + song mic on stand).

For workshop: classroom or similar with whiteboard

If needed: access to smaller rooms/spaces for group work. access to music room

PRICE:   $800 /day  $500/ half day (up to 3 hours) +   travel  cost (and accommodation when applicable).


Monica Welander

Phone: 0424868408

E-mail: monica[a]

For bookings and more info please contact me today by

e-mail or phone.


SAMPLE WORKSHOP PROGRAM - Songwriting workshop with Monica and The Explosion:


The purpose of the songwriting workshop is to introduce songwriting as a craft in a simple and accessible way, to present the tools and to inspire to personal creative songwriting, through guidance and exercises.

1) Music Performance with clear examples of songs

2) Basic workshop in groups of max. 25-30 participants 50-60 minutes including:

The free songwriter's role

Rock/Pop songs and building songs

About inspiration and creative music making

Tools for creating your own music

Exercise in writing a song


Technical equipment performance: PA, song mic with stand.

Equipment workshop: whiteboard

Time duration: performance: (about 25 minutes)

Workshop: 40-60 minutes (depending on the age group)

Continuation/second session after performance and basic workshop:

3) Introduction to independent songwriting work

4) Independent songwriting in groups (max. 5 participants) under my supervision (min. 60 minutes)

5) Showcase / Feedback. (min. 30 minutes)

Of course the layout of the program can be adjusted depending on the number of participants and special preferences (e.g. work more intensively/for several days, dividing in groups, make a school/public concert etc.)


Technical equipment performance: PA, song mic with stand.

Equipment workshop: whiteboard, access to smaller rooms/spaces for group work. (If possible/desired: access to music room, instruments, stage etc.)

Approx. Time duration: performance: (25 minutes)

Basic workshop: 40-60 minutes (depending on the age group)

Introduction to songwriting work task: (30 minutes)

Independent songwriting work: (min. 60 minutes)

Showcase / Feedback. (min. 30 minutes)


Monica Welander's book 'Songwriter's  Book' (published in Swedish 2009) is now published in English.

'Songwriter's Book' is an inspirational and practical illustrated hand book for anyone who wishes to write their own songs. Packed with useful, fun and practical tips, tools and exercises in songwriting.

More info about Songwriter's Book can be found here:

More info about the Swedish version 'Latskrivarboken':

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